Text Him This Not That
Text Him This Not That
Text Him This Not That
Text Him This Not That
Text Him This Not That

Text Him This Not That

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Texting Tips to Build Attraction and Shorten His Response Time!

Your first text to a new guy could be your last!

Why? Because most women text men like they text other women.

You can have the rest of your dating skills in find shape, but if your texting is off, it won't matter.

Before you send a man another text, stop and read this book!

Learn how to:

  • Capture his attention
  • Get him hooked
  • Hold his attention

As a woman, you have the built-in ability to be charming. You can deliver a look or use a certain tone of voice and you can work your way with men. Yet, when it comes to texting him, you're all thumbs. You feel nervous and afraid you'll say the wrong thing.

This leads you to emotional texting, following your instincts, instead of texting like a man - in a way he understands.

You will also learn:

  • How and why to use the 'catch me if you can' mentality
  • 10 Rules of engagement to make him respond consistently and faster
  • Ways to build attraction by destroying boredom and shattering all things conventional
  • How to revive a relationship when he starts texting less and less
  • Typical female texting blunders and how to fix them
  • What to text him so he'll ask you out
  • The power of delay, radio silence and texting like his best friend does
  • Texting through truly unique examples
  • Much more!

You can order this book in one of three formats:

  • MOBI (For your Kindle)
  • PDF (For annotation apps, printable)
  • ePUB (For Apple iBooks and other apps)

If you choose to purchase the MOBI version, be sure to visit this page to learn how to transfer the file to your Kindle.

**The link will open in a new window so you won't lose it when you buy!

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