Understanding Men Book Bundle
Understanding Men Book Bundle
Understanding Men Book Bundle
Understanding Men Book Bundle
Understanding Men Book Bundle

Understanding Men Book Bundle

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This is where it all begins!

Many of your relationship frustrations relate back to one thing - understanding men! Men and women communicate differently. They show love differently. They deal with anger and frustration differently.

The problem, of course, is that we each come at the relationship from our own perspective, instead of the perspective of the other person. This leads to more breakups than necessary. If only we understood one another just a little bit better.


Have some fun while learning about ten different types of men. This book is full of great, interactive infographics to deepen your understanding of the concepts you'll be learning.

You'll learn about ten different types of men and also, how to effectively date each type of man. Then, you'll learn how to identify which type of man is best for you!

10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men

This book is much more than 10 secrets to understanding men. It's 10+ secrets to improve your relationships. It's 10+ secrets to knowing how to deal with his moodiness, his competitive nature, his desire to support you, even though you can support yourself and so much more!

Go in-depth on how boys become men and when some guys might fall off of that conveyor belt to manhood, as well as the repercussions of falling off.

Get the secrets to managing his bad behavior without a fight.

Weed out the Losers, the Couch Potatoes and the Users

This book was fun to write because I got to help women finally decode the behavior of the worst men - the men who enter relationships with less-than-honorable intentions. 

Learn how to decipher the behaviors of those men, and the great men too, so you can enjoy dating more. The next time a player slithers onto the stool next to you, you can just use your perfectly manicured index finger to slide him right back off!

Who Holds the Cards Now?

You do after you finish your reading set with this book! This book gives you the five lethal to win your guy forever! It's the female version of kryptonite and it works! 

It isn't that your guy necessarily wants to treat you in a way that frustrates you, it's just that he becomes a little too comfortable in the relationship. The kryptonite inside this book helps you shake him up a little and remind him that you're worth his time and energy!

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