Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle
Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle
Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle
Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle
Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle

Keep a Great Guy Book Bundle

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Congratulations on having the kind of relationship you want to keep! You've found a great guy and now, you want to keep him around for...forever!

This collection of books is just what you need to accomplish that goal!

Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life

This book is full of tools you can use, as a couple, to strengthen your relationship. I like to call this book relationship insurance. Inside, you'll find tools for communication, fighting fair, managing secrets, date nights and tons more!

The best part of this book is that you know it will work with your guy because it was written by a man!

Who Holds the Cards Now?

You do after you finish your reading set with this book! This book gives you the five lethal to win your guy forever! It's the female version of kryptonite and it works! 

It isn't that your guy necessarily wants to treat you in a way that frustrates you, it's just that he becomes a little too comfortable in the relationship. The kryptonite inside this book helps you shake him up a little and remind him that you're worth his time and energy!

To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man

No truer words were spoken than these! Of course, for a man, the same could be said in reverse, but today, I'm helping you!

It's not really so hard to understand a man, but first, you need the tools and that's what this book provides!

Learn how to communicate in the way a man can understand. Discover how to manage his emotions, and yours, in a productive and effective way. Uncover the secret language I call, Man Mode, and how to use it to turn your man's behavior around without crying, stomping or whining.

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