Power Texting Men
Power Texting Men
Power Texting Men
Power Texting Men
Power Texting Men

Power Texting Men

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The Best Texting Attraction Book to Get the Guy

Let a guy teach you what it is that other men want to see on their screens from you. You're unknowingly making preventable mistakes that I can help you fix!

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • How to get him to respond to your texts when you want him to
  • Ways to keep him intrigued and panting for your next date
  • The mistakes you're making and how to easily fix them
  • Timing, structure, intent and use of emoticons 

Early in your relationships, you could be driving men away, simply by making a few texting blunders, without even knowing it!

Instead, get this book and:

  • Discover the power of less is more
  • Uncover the secret to using a little bit of humor to keep him interested
  • Text him things he's never heard from another woman
  • Learn the power of radio silence
  • Ask him out on a date, without him realizing you asked him
  • Tease him with some fun, flirty examples
  • Attract and keep a guy with strategic texting

You want him to react and respond to your texts. This book gives you the tools to make that happen!

You can order this book in one of three formats:

  • MOBI (For your Kindle)
  • PDF (For annotation apps, printable)
  • ePUB (For Apple iBooks and other apps)

If you choose to purchase the MOBI version, be sure to visit this page to learn how to transfer the file to your Kindle.

**The link will open in a new window so you won't lose it when you buy!

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